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Correction: CTR Trail Day – October 4th

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Revised meet-up location at 9:00 AM.

Meet at the intersection of Rocky Moto and Pipeline at 9:00 AM

The best way to get there by vehicle if you aren’t riding is is to take 164B north from Hwy 180 and the “Fort Valley Trail System” trailhead.  FS Road 9002 cuts off to the right about 2/3 of a mile in.  Take 9002 north a little under 2 miles to pipeline and a gate.  Left (west) a few hundred yards is Rocky Moto.   For those of you who still have the “Sorting Map” from our July event, this is the return “road” route from the “C” loop

CTR Regular Meeting Reminder

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Wednesday, September 17 at Flagstaff Motorsports on Butler Avenue.  6:00 pm.

Pedals vs Pistons: the Results

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Last year was the first Pedals vs Pistons challenge.  There was a motorcycle race that weekend, and the pedal-bikers won in a cakewalk.

I’m not sure of the reason for the low turnout of bicycle folks this year, but we had the opposite result.  There was a large contingent of volunteers from the Arizona Trail Riders, and an excellent turnout from CTR.  Brian Hawthorn from Blue Ribbon Coalition even showed up.  (he rode the entire Peaks Loop Sunday – rumor has it he likes it..)  Anyway, CTR now has the coveted Pedals vs. Pistos vs. Horseshoes vs. Hiking Boots Trophy.  If someonw has a picture, I’ll put it up.

Speaking of the Horseshoes vs. Hiking boots part.  Somewhere, in some smoke-filled room, the Pedals vs Pistons challenge was deemed to be too exclusionary, although Flagstaff Biking and CTR are the only organizations who sponsor regular trail days.  No horsepeople showed up – I’m not sure who was to be the sponsoring organization for horses, but I don’t think any were really expected.  The “hiking” organization was supposed to be the Sierra Club.  A few days before the event, they politely declined – apparently there was not enough time for them to rally the troops and make a respectable showing.  A pity for all of us hoping for Sierra Club assistance in constructing motorized trails.