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“Pedals vs Pistons”… AWESOME Event !!!

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Final count 85: (with verifiable pulses)

55 Moto-heads

23 Spandexers

4 Horsey folks

3 Walk-a-bouts

With absolutely no disrespect intended to the other groups (we
greatly appreciate EVERYONE who attended), it should be
obvious which group of forest users truly care about the
forest(s) and protecting the resources of the forest.

Once again, MANY THANKS to the awesome members of
SOUTHERN ARIZONA who attended, as well as any other
folks who made the trip “up the hill”


Anthony (Head Pedaler) explaining (wishing?) how big something is…..

Anthony being more realistic….


Anthony looking at the “bad news” (for the pedalers)   Joe Hill gloating…  (Notice all the celebrities in the crowd)


More celebrities……

….. mo celebrities…..

GrayMutt and GrayPup (Viking)…. Jake with his rum-n-coke.


Tree Squirrels.


GreyMutt tellin’ a huge lie……..


A “Before” picture (just a little prettier than the MM’s, eh ?  ;))


Spandexers hard at work…..

“Wild Wayne”….. scourge of the 60+ AMRA class  😉

OH YEAH !!! This beauty is stayin’ right where she belongs !!!!!