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Change Of E MAIL

Just a Reminder to you all on the CTR mailer . Those that know me are
aware that I am the least comp literate person among us .For years I have
resisted change and kept my AOL account , because it seemed easier . Now is the
time to break free from the bonds of an ever fee raising provider . My
_dunedaddy5@aol.com_ ( will now be changed to
_dunedaddy5@gmail.com_ ( . The reason I mention
this is not just to get you to mark my new address , but to also warn you
that unless I get some comp literate person to help change this over the E
Mails will stop coming from the CTR mailer . I ‘m sure this will come as
welcome news to the many that have contacted me to say , take me off the list
.But to the rest of you I apologize , as you will most likely be lost in
the mix . As of the end of November my AOL should be done . Again sorry for
the inconvenience , but that’s what happens to a Dial Phone Guy in a Push
Button world .

Warren A. Williams
President, Coconino Trail Riders
951 326 4757