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Trail Day! Saturday June 21st

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What’s so special?

Well the AMA will be there writing an article on clubs that are pro active. State Parks will have a film crew out doing a video. The ATR will be hosting a camp and ride weekend and have invited  the CTR to join in.

Starts at 8:30 am.

We will again be working on the Kelly Trail System. 

What more can we do?

The new CTR shirts will be there. Nimarcos Pizza for lunch and as always a $10 Rocky Mountain M/C card goes to all that attend .

Take Lake Mary Rd East to Frontier go Right to 3E go left to FSR 866 go Left and Right on FSR 867A We should see ribbon along 867A where we will stage.
If you don’t see signs we aren’t there yet. The ATR will be camping off 3E at 3L.