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Correction: CTR Trail Day – October 4th

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Revised meet-up location at 9:00 AM.

Meet at the intersection of Rocky Moto and Pipeline at 9:00 AM

The best way to get there by vehicle if you aren’t riding is is to take 164B north from Hwy 180 and the “Fort Valley Trail System” trailhead.  FS Road 9002 cuts off to the right about 2/3 of a mile in.  Take 9002 north a little under 2 miles to pipeline and a gate.  Left (west) a few hundred yards is Rocky Moto.   For those of you who still have the “Sorting Map” from our July event, this is the return “road” route from the “C” loop

“Pedals vs Pistons” Trail Day

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September 6th is CTR’s next Trail Day which will be the 2nd annual “Pedals vs Pistons” (PvP) event.  PvP is a “shared” trail day where CTR competes with the good folks of Flagstaff Biking (FBO) (yeah, the spandex wearin’ bunch) for which club has the most show up.

Last year, FBO whooped CTR pretty bad (I think AMRA had a race that weekend….. at least that’s the excuse I’m stickin’ with). 

WE CAN’T LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN !!! FBO has had “our” trophy for almost a year now….. that’s just wrong.

So….. bring along friends/relatives/in-laws….. anybody who can wear a CTR t-shirt (we’ve got plenty), and we’ll “put things right” this year.




The NEW “Secret Trail” – Happy Owls / Happy Riders

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Well, after a lot of studying, planning and wading through usual/normal
government “red tape”, the re-route of “Secret Trail” (some secret)
away from the Owl’s nesting area is complete, with the exception of a
few areas of “touch-up” to the NEW portion of the trail which we are
going to do at our next trail day, September 6th.

Here’s a photo montage of Saturday’s project……

A couple of weeks ago the “Flag Line” (layout) was put in and checked
(re-checked) by the USFS before we started work.

Here’s Noah and Mace (Mister Muskels) “scratchin’ in the line”…..

“Rough Line”

Here’s Dooley showing how well his wife’s anti-persperant works…..

Here’s Dooley actually working (building a “drain”).

Thomas, Robert and Anthony scratchin’…….

USFS Brad, Ugly Jankowski and Flag Speaker work on a rock ramp
(actually, Brad & Dominic were working….. UJ was “rythmic grunting”……
they thought it helped)

Here’s Chalkpaw and GrayMutt keeping USFS Brian from working (notice
GrayMutt’s alternate usage of his pick-mattock)

Happy moto-head (Viking) putting “first tracks” on the NEW trail……


Saturday, August 16: CTR Trail Day. With Improved Trail Tools!!

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Brian Hawthorne of the Blue Ribbon Coalition is 99% sure of coming to our CTR Trail Day  Saturday August 16th, at 8:AM.  (We are meeting at Junction of 6273 and the Pipeline.  6273 ties into Shultz Pass Road near Sunset Trailhead (also near Shultz Tank).  Go north a quarter mile to Pipeline.)

……here’s the e-mail Greenwalt sent him last week to convince him and “The Big Boss”, Greg Mumm that it’s NECESSARY for Brian to bring his “trail tool” down from Ideee-ho and attend this event  Wink


It would be awesome if you could attend CTR’s monthly “Trail
Day” Saturday, August 16th. This is a “special” Trail Day for a
number of reasons.

1) We (CTR) are going to use special ‘tools’ to “burn in” a
section of NEW trail located on the Coconino National Forest
(CNF). These tools are known to most people as DIRTBIKES
with knobby rear tires.

2) The USFS reps in charge of Trails/Recreation will be present
and directing our work efforts.

3) This trail is a “re-route” of an existing multi-use/motorized
trail that is being built at the request of the United States Fish
and Wildlife Service (USFWS), to mitigate disturbance (by ALL
users) of a Mexican Spotted Owl (MSO) nest site. As you know
the MSO is listed as a “threatened” species under the
Endangered Species Act of 1973 and as such is protected by
the USFWS.

4) This trail is also located within a Goshawk PAC (Protective
Activity Center). The Northern Goshawk is protected as a
“sensitive” species under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

5) This trail is located within some of the prettiest forest in
Arizona. Aspen, Spruce, Fir, Ponderosa Pine, ferns and other
flora are in abundance.

6) This trail is located within the boundries of the proposed
Traditional Cultural Property (TCP).

7) This trail is a planned motorized travel route under the “Fort
Valley Ecosystem Restoration Project” (a USFS plan approved
in 2000 ) and as such WILL be included as a “designated route”
under the Travel Management Rule (TMR).

8) CTR serves the best lunch(s) for Trail Days – hot BBQ
sandwiches with fixin’s (no sissy bagel vegan sandwiches like
the mountain bike/spandex crowd).

9) Trail rides after/during work and on Sunday.

10) I’ll be there.

Excuses ???

See You there ???

Let me know…….

Keith Greenwalt
Land Use Officer
Coconino Trail Riders   “

This event is HUGE for all of the reasons mentioned above.

The new section of trail only about 2/10th’s of a mile, so with
“proper tools”,  the “work” ( Roll Eyes) should be finished quickly.

If you have a QUIET tool (NO LOUD PIPES !!!  Angry ), and would
like to join us, pleas come up  Smiley

CTR Meeting – Wednesday, June 18 @ 6:00 pm

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Meeting at Northland Motorsports at the Mall.

Among other things, we get to elect officers. If you are sick and tired of the incompetent leadership around here (I certainly am), now is your big chance.

“Real” Trail Day – Saturday June 14

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Once again, thank you for all your attendance at National Trail Day. It has given us a lot of good public relations, with both the Forest Service and with Coconino County.

Unfortunately we can’t ride on that trail. To work on a trail that we CAN ride on, meet Saturday June 14 at 8:00 AM at Sunset Trailhead off Shultz Pass Road. This is not Shultz Tank where we met several times last summer – it is a half mile or so to the west, near the intersection with FS 6373.

We will be working on the Secret Trail reroute – moving Secret out of Spotted Owl habitat as requested by Fish and Game. Lunch provided: currently planned as sandwiches from Pig-in-a-Poke BBQ. Ride from the work area afterwards for those so inclined.


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Thanks to everyone who attended the Trail Day Saturday.  I believe we had over 40 folks show up, including a substantial contingent from the Arizona Trail Riders.

There were a lot of attendees, but judging by the ruckus when we were introduced, I think we once again had the largest number of workers by far.  Once again all of us – CTR and all the others – ran out of trail to work on by lunch time.

You folks are great.  Thank you!

National Trail Day – Saturday June 7th – 9am to 2 pm

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If you can only make one trail day this year, please come to this one. CTR gets an incredible amount of complements and good will for working on non-motorized trails on National Trail Day. Last year, the CTR contingent had by far the largest participation of any organized group!

Meet along Old Munds Highway, just off of Highway 89 across from Jackson’s Grill. FREE Lunch/beverages, and entertainment. Please wear sturdy footwear, long pants, and bring gloves. Tools and protective gear will be provided.

We are planning on riding the nearby Airport Loop in the afternoon.

For more information:
call Keith Greenwalt @ 928/853-7093 or