OHV Noise Levels

Coconino Trail Riders
P.O. Box 1094
Flagstaff, Arizona 86002
(928) 853-7093

July 11, 2005

Nora B. Rasure, Forest Supervisor
1824 South Thompson Street
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

RE: 1) Motorized Trail Usage on the Coconino National Forest 2) Adopting and Enforcing Noise Limitations on USFS Lands

First, we, the Coconino Trail Riders would like to thank you and your staff for your help and cooperation in building and maintaining Multi-use / Motorized trails on the Coconino NF. Thus far the partnership between the USFS and Coconino Trail Riders (CTR) has been beneficial and productive and it is our desire to continue and strengthen this cooperative relationship.

As you are well aware, developing and maintaining multi-use trails while managing the needs of other users, as well as wildlife, is a huge challange. Our club, made up mostly of Flagstaff area residents, recognize the need for cooperative efforts between all user groups to ensure that, when using the trails, responsible behavior is maintained, by all users, at all times. CTR
as a group, feel very strongly that we need to “police” our ranks, and demand responsible behavior from our members when using public lands, particularly when riding on forest trails.

One of the problems that has plagued off-road motorcycles for many years has been excessive noise. CTR recognizes that, historically, this has been the most common complaint from other users groups. People come to the forest in search of peace and solitude, not to listen to obnoxiously loud OHVs.

If we, as a user group were “noise- free”, complaints against OHVs would be minimal. While “noise-free” is not possible, reducing engine exhaust noise to an established “maximum” level is attainable by all OHV users with currently available silencer / spark arrestors.

Therefore, Coconino Trail Riders has adopted a policy of minimizing the sound levels of our motorcycles as low as current technology will allow.

Further, we encourage the Coconino NF to adopt a maximum sound level of 96db forest wide, including the Cinder Hills OHV area. As technology improves, we will support even lower db levels when feasible.

We recognize that some OHV users may object to a 96db maximum sound level. We adamantly disagree with any arguments for higher levels. 96db is attainable by all OHV users at this time.

We offer our help and resources to assist the implementation and enforcement of a noise reducing policy as described above.

Thank you again for your cooperation and consideration of these matters.


Keith Greenwalt
Coconino Trail Riders