Our Officers

Here are the elected officers for the 2019 year.

2019 Officers

Cathy Steers in the mud

Cathy Steers

Vice President
Back in 2010 Cathy finally decided it was time to try Dual Sport riding. After all, how hard could it be? She had been racing and riding mountain bikes for years and has owned her share of Ducati's. Let's just say she has gradually worked her way up from being a really terrible C-- rider to barely competent C+ rider. Getting rid of the overweight 650 Dakar for a relatively svelte 450 KTM helped a lot. Claim to fame? Almost running over Scott Hardin when she forgot to turn off the ABS on the Dakar while at a BMW off-road training camp held on a grass track. Riding goals? To ride a B route from start to finish without too much drama. CTR club goal? If we build it, they will come.

Dennis Smoldt

My passion for two-wheeled vehicles started with riding a Kawasaki mini-bike around my grandparents property in the foothills of Northern California when I was in grade school, and progressed to the point where the first new vehicle I ever purchased was a 1989 WR 250. Of course, that shiny bike rode around in the back of a $200 Datsun pick up. I took an extended hiatus from riding to pursue a career as a whitewater rafting guide, but rediscovered my love of bikes when I moved to Flagstaff in 2004. Unfortunately I also discovered that much of the public land surrounding Flagstaff is off-limits to motorized travel. I strongly believe in CTR's mission statement, and look forward to seeing our trail system continue to grow!
CTR Jim Madden

Jim Madden

Jim’s passion for dirt bikes started as a youngster is the Phoenix area, riding two stroke dirt bikes in the sand washes of the open desert. He is a native of the state and had a rewarding career working in northern Arizona as a game warden. These days he enjoys single track trail riding along with occasional dual sport adventures. He is also a cattle dog owner, mountain biker, and avid hiker. “Working for Your Right to Ride” means a lot to Jim, and he enjoys planning, building and maintaining trails. In the famous words of CTR member Wayne Rutledge, “You can’t put a price on a good time."

Kenny Schipper

Kenny has been on two wheels since he could walk. It started on pedal bikes, and, after he moved to Arizona, he added a motor. He grew up in the Southern California area and knows the sting of closed areas and user conflicts. Kenny enjoys anything on his bike, whether it be exploring a new dirt road, or challenging himself on a techy-singletrack- it's all good! The worst day on a bike is better than the best day in the office!